Some client requires less attention, some require more. Pricing is determined by how much work is needed to solve the clients' problem. We want the very best results for our clients so we focus on what is needed to help them. If it requires more time...that can affect the timeline as well as scope so in turn that effects the price.
We gauge prices based on the scope of work. We do not believe that design is one size fits all. When you become a WILDmonkeyDESIGN client we problem solve with you and focus on what roadblocks you may be experiencing. Sometimes a full revamp of the identity system is needed, while other times the website just needs a facelift.
Be prepared! Simply put if you waited until the last day before a major event and need a lot of materials designed and printed... This means in order for our firm to accomidate the deadline prices go up from from the MLE (Minimum Level of Engagement).

What would be yourtypical process

The Brief
The first step in our creative portion of the design process is called the design brief. This is when we discuss the project at length with our client.
Once a sufficient amount of general information has been gathered, we dive deeper into the research stage.
Again, it is important to note that all designers are different.
Demographic Research
In addition to speaking directly with our client, we often do some cursory market research on the company and its competitors.
Taking It All In
At this point, we will step away from the project for a brief time.
Proof Production
Once sufficient time has been spent on research and sketching, the draft production process begins. Digital implementation is usually executed using Adobe Illustrator (a vector-based drawing program).
Client Feedback
Now that a number of options have been created, the most effective choices are presented to our client for consideration.
The Delivery
Once our client is happy with the resulting design, we will produce a variety of file types that can be used for various outputs. Important file types include AI, PNG and possibly EPS in certain circumstances.

What types ofclients have you worked with

Entrepreneurs, Steel Fabrication Companies, Local School Sports Teams, Motivational Speakers, eCommerce based businesses, Event and Marketing Agencies, Social Media Agencies, Non-Profits, Environmental Corporations, Franchises, Clothing Companies... Our resume is long!

What advice would you give to a hiring provider in your area

You may want to clear your schedule before attempting to read this.

Plenty! 1st Hire us (we're kind of the best lol!) The 4 most important criteria to consider when reviewing firms There are four criteria that really matter for choosing a design firm. To make sure you make a good choice in which firms you choose to interview and ultimately hire, here are the four (hopefully we won't bore you).

1. Quality of the work Your company’s brand is its soul. The designs, copy, and visuals you choose to represent your company — that you’re hiring us to produce for you — are going to influence the way every single person who interacts with your brand thinks about it. So it matters that it’s good! High quality work can seem hard to assess, especially if you’re not a designer yourself. However, it’s actually simple — and not being a designer works in your favor for assessing the quality of our firm’s portfolio. That’s because you can look at the client websites that we’ve built, and judge for yourself whether or not we are clear and functional for you as a new visitor to the site – which is just what you would want your new website to be. Check out our portfolio, and then go visit a few of our sites that we’ve built. Are they buggy? Is the design intuitive? Do you like it? How, overall, does the site function? Judging quality in creative work isn’t as challenging as it might sound at first. A website that flows well to you as an outside user means that it is a functional, high-quality design. Since our team can build that for another client we can likely build it for you.

2. Cost of the work You want the size of your budget to match the size of the agency you hire. If you have a small budget, don’t go with a huge firm. A $20,000 budget can get you a lot of work from us (say, a 10-20 person) firm, but at a bigger firm that’s used to $1,000,000+ budgets from major corporations, all your little $20,000 will get you is an intern and a few hours of their time. It’s critical, to be honest, and realistic about your budget with us and if we can work with it, we will if we can't there is always craigslist artist and clipart. You don’t want to be too optimistic about how much you can afford and then end up with a subpar or incomplete project because you couldn’t actually afford the scope of work that you wanted. Not only might you be risking the quality of the work in that scenario, but if you have to make lots of last minute changes to scale down the project, you’ll also waste time. Don’t forget: time is money. Better to make hard decisions and rule out options now than to be halfway down the road on a project you can’t afford.

3. Style of the work Do you want a timeless brand that speaks for itself, and that will be iconic for years?But, at the same time, though, you want to make sure your brand is innovative and covers the touchpoints that matter today and tomorrow. A great brand on a website that won’t load on mobile…well, isn’t that great a brand... sorry. Great branding work straddles the practical and the aesthetic. We have plenty of examples and clear explanations of work to show off our chops. You can check out our social media blog to see what we’re writing about. Our website is a representation of our style at its core; after all, it’s how we represent our own brand, and so it can give you a lot of information about what we think is really important for a great website and company brand.

4. Customization of the work Our job is to really understand YOU. As a high-quality firm are able to translate your message and your goals into a beautiful design that appeals to you and most importantly, your customers.

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