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We Are Bold

Our clients stand out! WMD uses feedback from our clients and integrates it into the identity design. This feedback combined with a shared goal of success for your business ensures that you will stand out from the rest. Never be afraid of being different. You own your future. Be bold!

We Reach

Successful businesses are always growing and adapting to changes in the market. In today’s economy, there is no room to be average. Complacency means failure in today’s world and WMD is here to help you grow, succeed, and adapt-no matter your industry or business.


"Branding is the process of connecting good strategy with good creativity. Its not the process of connecting good strategy with poor creativity, poor strategy with good creativity, or poor strategy with poor creativity."

We Make History

We are problem solvers. Our branding expertise is built on research, data, and most importantly our intuition and experience. The WMD team will ensure that your business is given the personality it deserves, so you can grow your clientele base and your business. We develop identities that stand out from the rest and help your firm flourish in today’s competitive economy.

Encompass Environmental
Western Constructors
750 Main

We Are Capable

We are an Identity Design Firm. We focus on the visual elements of your brand. We have 30+ years of combined experience in design, psychology, research, and development. Our job is to increase client revenue and public awareness through the brand we create together.

Competitive Research
User Experience
Brand Strategy & Architecture
Content Strategy
Marketing Campaigns

Branding & Design
Brand Development & Rebranding
Logo & ID Systems
Brand Style Guides
Advertising Implementation
Collateral, Print & Packaging
Environmental Design

Website Design & Development
Content Production
Motion Graphics
Explainer Videos
Digital Development

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