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  • Responsive vs Adaptive
    We specialize in responsive development sites that respond to changes in the width of a browser window by fluidly adjusting the placement of elements on a web page to best fit the available space. Thus, as you drag the side of a browser to make it larger or smaller, you’ll see the design change in real time. If you want to see how our responsive design works, visit, and if drag the side of the browser window to make it smaller and larger, you’ll see how responsive design works. Visit that site on an iPhone, iPad, or other similar sized devices, and you will see the design that is targeted to fit that size device.
  • Less Is More
    We constantly fight the battle against clutter in web design, whether it’s our own own site or when designing for a client. Our web site’s design should enhance your site’s purpose by putting the focus on the content and being usable by everyone. Taking the extra time to ensure no detail is left overlooked produces an effective and attractive websites.
  • White Space
    We believe that elements on the page need room to breathe. It may seem logical to you and you may be doing it without even thinking but common requests from clients seem to be:
    1. “Let’s add one more thing, there seems to be a lot of extra space here...”
    2. “There is room under the menu, move it up so we can add...”
    3. “There is a gap along the sides of the site, we should also include....”
    By giving up valuable whitespace between elements, the site becomes cramped and elements begin to run together, not giving your potential customers eyes a needed break which help to define separate areas.
  • Think About The Future...
    In addition to creating a responsive design for desktop websites, we also think about the growing number of smartphone and tablet users. Research from Pew Internet showed that in 2012, 31% of cell phone owners used only their phones for web browsing; that number is likely to be far higher now. This is why we develop and design for mobile first then approach each platform respectively.
  • ...But not too far
    Of course we want be future proof. We offer application development to address the growing need towards smart watch apps and the UI/UX design elements that go into this specific and new platform. Though this is not a truly big market, yet we try to stay a head of the curve.

A few of our clients

Fine Design

Designing a Designer Site

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Believing in our Future

A Future to Believe In

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Targett and Associates

Targetted Development

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Encompass Environmental

Standing out from the rest

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Our Beneficiaries

In the world of identity design, it’s great to have friends and allies. WILDmonkeyDESIGN is happy to provide sponsorships to our beneficiaries some including Web Design and Development, start with layout design & consulting! We are thankful to have mutual goals with organizations that help local communities, social issues and raise awareness for a better tomorrow.
Believing in our Future
Movember Foundation
Western Colorado Congress
It Starts With Kids
Our Beneficiaries

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