What is Design Friction?

Is your design frictionless?

Friction is whatever may be in the way of the person reading /using a design. The more resistance you add, the harder it is for them to get what they want from your design. Friction things like text that is hard to read or a website that is difficult to use.

That moment when the text is too small. It might seem like an obvious mistake, but you would be surprised how many times designers end up sacrificing readability and usability to make their design “look better.”

It’s important to measure the amount of information that you want to present very carefully. Avoid information overload that will only add friction to your design. For that, you have to understand what your viewer/user needs, and in a lot of cases, you even have to distill that information and make it digestible.

“A wealth of information leads to a poverty of attention.”

— Marty Neumeier

Well done design becomes invisible, and people will quickly find what they need. If it’s not, then you’re most likely staring at bad design, because good design is frictionless.

You’re close. There are only one more things to consider.

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Henry is an experienced Creative Director/Visual Designer with over 12 years of design and art direction. Henry is a sharp conceptual thinker, outstanding visual and strategically focused designer with proven leadership abilities. Henry is a hands-on leader with a creative approach to strategy development.

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